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Good morning AJA students. We are excited to worship together this morning and learn more about God's plan for our lives. Here is the link to each mornings Zoom Worship and Bible class. We will meet promptly at 8:30am.

Katie Richmond is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: AJA's Morning Worship
Time: 08:30 AM Alaska

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Meeting ID: Ms. Richmond's Zoom Room  is 744 524 3696

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2020-21 Spiritual Theme:

God is loving and generous to us!


Unit 9: Jesus - Friend of Children

Learning Intention: We are learning that Jesus is like a magnet. We can become close to Him and then show His magnetic love to others.

Essential Question: How do we come close to Jesus and show His love to others?

Big Idea: We get close to Jesus by talking to Him and reading His words in the Bible. When we do this, we will want to share His love with others.


Picture credit: Nathan Greene


Unit 1: Let's Celebrate: 

Learning Intention: We learned that God shows us He loves us through the gifts of salvation and many more.

Essential Question: To what extent does God really love us?

Big Idea: God loves us abundantly and has given us the incredible gift of salvation and many more!

Unit 2: The Wilderness - The Israelites prepare to enter the Promise Land.

Learning Intention: We learned to trust God when we are afraid.

Essential Question: What do we have to fear?

Big Idea: There is nothing to fear when God is with us!

Unit 3: Jericho - Entering the Homeland.

Learning Intention: We learned that God does amazing things for us that are worth remembering. God wants to give us each a lifeline to a life of real happiness with Him.

Essential Question: How does God show His love?

Big Idea: God keeps His generous promises and helps us to be victorious

Unit 4: Canaan - Settling the Homeland.

Learning Intention: We learned that we can show our allegiance to God by choosing His ways.

Essential Question: How can I show my love for and trust in God?

Big Idea: Obeying God’s words with His help shows my love and allegiance in Him.

Unit 5: Era of the Judges: Hardship in the Homeland 

Learning Intention: We learned that God's ways are the best.

Essential Question: How does God treat those who disobey Him?

Big Idea: God is quick to rescue His children through a process of discipline, forgiveness, and generous love.

Unit 6: Christmas: Meaningful Gifts 

Learning Intention: We learned about giving and receiving meaningful gifts.

Essential Question: What can I give that will be meaningful to Jesus and others?

Big Idea: I can give Jesus gifts of worship, talents, and time, understanding that by giving to others, I am giving to Jesus.

Unit 7: Ruth: Harvest in the Homeland 

Learning Intention: We learned that God loves to "harvest" people into His family.

Essential Question: What does it mean to be part of God’s harvest?

Big Idea: People who give their lives to God are like a harvest being gathered in.

Unit 8: Samuel: Connection in the Homeland 

Learning Intention: We learned to tune our ears, minds, and hearts to God.

Essential Question: How does God “speak”? Why is prayer important?

Big Idea: God “speaks” in many different ways: through His Word, other people, nature, our own circumstances, our thoughts, and through prophets. Developing a personal habit of prayer is one way to stay connected to God.

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