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Early Years

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Learning focus

AJA starts our students on the right track by making perfect placements within the early years of the school experience. Placements are recommended depending on a child’s developmental age and readiness testing for the school setting and curriculum. Our highly qualified staff work with each family to tailor and craft the perfect classroom experience enabling each child to develop positive attitudes towards learning and experience maximum growth that year.

Half day placements

AJA's half-day program runs from 8:00-12:15 Monday through Friday or as arranged. Some parents choose this half-day program because:

  • it is developmentally appropriate for their child,
  • better match for shorter attention spans of typical 5-year-olds
  • a parent works part-time, but still wants their children to be home with them,
  • it allows a homeschool student opportunities to socialize with their peers

AJA's half-day program is still a full learning experience because the bulk of skills and content teaching is completed before lunch when the child’s attention span is at maximum levels. Our PreK-K program is child-centered, thematically integrated and geared towards these young learners. Daily language and math activities provide a rich environment for building emergent reading and mathematic skills.

for more research on half-day vs. full-day programs see

Full day placements        

AJA's full day program runs from 8:00-3:15 Monday-Thursday, and ends at 12:15 on Friday. Some parents choose this full day program because:

  • it is developmentlly appropriate for their child
  • their child attended preschool and is ready for more challenge
  • they want a more relaxed school day with enriching experiences
  • they want their children to benefit from both whole group and even more individualized instruction opportunities in the afternoon
  • children have more time for free exploration and learning through play
  • children have more opportunites to learn and practice social skills through positive reinformcement in the school setting
  • parents need a safe place for their child to grow while they are working

The full-day program continues in the afternoon with lunch recess, quiet time and enrichment. Children then participate in a variety of experiences that extend and enrich the skills and content being taught in the morning session. Students explore a variety of learning centers and free choice activities, enjoy extra outside recess and have the opportunity for more individualized instruction.

How is PreK different from Kindergarten?  

While PreK shares space and time with kindergarten, students experience a step-up in expectations both academically and socially. The kindergarten students become role models for how school works and help to create a close learning community. The multi-grade experience allows students to learn at their “just right” level by accessing skills and content they can review and improve on, or show mastery by helping another classmate.

Science and social studies are integreated thematically in the primary program along with the core skills of reading (with phonics), writing and math (with manipulatives). Art, drama, and music are used throughout the curriculum to enhance the learning experience. 

Daily schedule             

Here is a typical schedule: Coming soon                      


Because it is our mission to provide an excellent school program in which children are able “To increase in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man;” we have chosen to use only high-quality curriculae that meet or exceed the NAD Education Standards and common core state standards.

  • CreationKids by North American Division of SDA

  • Stepping Stones by Kendall Hunt Publishers 


Our students sing daily in worship, as a part of learning about what they're studying, and in twice weekly music and recorders classes.

Field trips 

We have a great partnership with the Anchorage Public Library that allows us to visit and refresh our reading material each week. We also like to make nature trips through the year, as well as have some fun. Downhill skiing at Alyeska is one trip that we make.

Service learning

We believe in giving back to the community. Training our young people to do this is crucial to development. Currently, service learning includes learning how to lead out in group prayer, learning to lead in music, praying for others, soliciting prayer requests, and learning how to be compassionate to others.

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