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JupiterEd Email dated 7/19/2022

AJA's 2022-23 School Year

Welcome to a New School Year! Campus sure has been lonely without you. :)

This email comes to you via JupiterEd, our school's student information system, using the email address you registered your child with. This is a critical form of communication for the AJA office, administration, teachers, and for your family as well.
We also communicate regularly on our school website (especially under the current students tab) and via the Anchorage Junior Academy Facebook page.

You have the ability to make some choices about your family's JupiterEd communication settings. Make sure you've clicked the box to allow brief text and emergency alerts for the year! This is a setting you should check on at the beginning of each school year.

We look forward to working with you and will be sending out important updates and information over the next several weeks. We're planning a fun activity & family picnic for Friday, August 12th and classroom instruction starts on Monday, August 15th. Keep your eyes peeled for more info. Teachers report back to work on August 1st and will be in contact soon as they continue their preparation.

Please note that financial details are being added to the Blackbaud/Smart Tuition system this week. Those of you who've applied for financial aid this year will have scholarships applied in the days ahead. Please keep watch for these changes and be in contact with the school office (907-346-2164) or myself with questions.

-Katie Richmond, Teaching Principal

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